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Duke Signature Care Concierge Medicine
Duke Signature Care integrates the time-honored relationship between a patient and doctor with cutting-edge medical care.

Duke Signature Care Concierge Medicine

Our physicians are supported by a talented team of professionals to ensure that you receive the best care and service possible. The Duke Signature Care team is committed to developing a personalized health plan tailored to you. Our goal is to establish a relationship that goes beyond treating illness and extends to wellness planning, disease prevention, healthy lifestyle coaching and regular diagnostic examinations.

Enjoy Enhanced Access to Your Physician

Whether you are new to the area or looking to develop a better relationship with a primary care physician, you may want to consider Duke Signature Care. For an annual fee, you enjoy enhanced access to your physician, as well as the opportunity to develop a stronger doctor-patient bond. The annual fee for concierge medicine programs is not currently covered by health insurance plans. The membership cost for Duke Signature Care is $2,500 per year. Naturally, like any medical practice, normal insurance co-pays and deductibles apply to the care you receive.

Choose Duke Signature Care because we offer:

Low patient-to-doctor ratios 

We limit the number of patients each of our primary care physicians treat. As a result, you partner with your primary care physician on your medical care. During your appointment, you enjoy more one-on-one time with your doctor. You can use the time to thoroughly discuss any health concerns you have. 

Unparalleled convenience

You may be able to arrange immediate or next-day appointments with your concierge doctor.

Expanded physician access

If you have questions after hours or while traveling, you can always reach your doctor by calling Duke Signature Care at 919-660-6746.

Secure electronic medical records connection

As a Duke Signature Care patient, your secure connection to Duke's online patient portal, Duke MyChart, makes it easier than ever to view lab results, request prescription refills, communicate with your provider, and pay bills. Our advanced electronic medical record system is also accessed by every Duke doctor in every Duke facility so your care will always be coordinated.

Specialty care referrals

 If you need specialty care, our concierge providers will direct you to specialists who are ranked among the nation’s best. As part of a nationally ranked medical center, they have access to the latest research, technology, and medical advances, many of which are discovered at Duke Health.

Comfortable environment

 We offer free, convenient parking and spacious, comfortable waiting rooms with complimentary Wi-Fi and coffee or tea.

Skilled, compassionate team

 In addition to our expert physicians, our dedicated nursing, administrative, and clerical staff are always on hand. You work and talk with the same group of people that get to know you, and you know them.

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Experience the preferred treatment from your doctor that concierge medicine makes possible. Call 919-660-6746 now.

Time to invest in your health

Don't put your health on hold. Experience our streamlined approach to healthcare - physical exams, testing, and information about maintaining a healthy lifestyle in one visit to our facility.