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Unparalleled access. Excellent patient care. Genuine relationships.
Duke Signature Care features board-certified physicians whose training, experience and dedication represent the excellence in patient care for which Duke is known nationally and globally.

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Enroll in Duke Signature Care today and gain access to Duke’s premiere concierge primary care medical team. It’s time to build a personal relationship that revolves around your needs, your health, your time and at your convenience.

What our patients are saying

Kay and I have different physicians within Signature Care and yet we marvel at the similar level of individual attention we receive, and the strong relationship we each feel we have with our doctors.  We have never felt rushed, never run out of time.  Prior to Signature Care too often our health care became a “hurry up and be seen” process.  Now we feel that we are engaged in an ongoing conversation with our primary care doctors.

Kay Lowe and Michael Rierson

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In July 2018, Duke Signature Care will expand to...

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Don't put your health on hold. Experience our streamlined approach to healthcare - physical exams, testing, and information about maintaining a healthy lifestyle in one visit to our facility.